Non Participant Observation?


Non-participant observation is a research technique whereby the researcher watches the subjects of his or her study, with their knowledge, but without taking an active part in the situation under scrutiny. Many theorists criticise this method of research since the subjects may behave differently with the knowledge that they are being watched.
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Non-participatory observations are 1) non-transparent to whomever is being "observed" 2) inequitable regarding the presence of the observed in the observation act 3) exclusive
that is observing something while being part of whatever is happening. Say you want to research how a group solves some problem. You could be on the sideline or behind a one way mirror
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Non participant observation is an observational investigative method whereby the researcher or observer attends group events and records the observations without taking part in the group's activities. The group has knowledge that the observer is present, but he or she is an inactive attendant.
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