What is a normal pulse rate?


The Mayo Clinic states that the average resting pulse rate for adults is anywhere from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Those with a lower resting pulse rate are considered to be fitter than those with a higher resting heart rate.

A low pulse rate indicates that the body is efficient at pumping blood throughout the body. Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart, helping it become stronger.

A resting pulse pulse rate that is below 60 beats per minute or above 100 beats per minute warrants a trip to the doctor. While it is not uncommon for elite athletes to have a resting heart rate as low as 40 beats per minute, in the average person, such a low heart rate may be a sign that the heart is not pumping enough blood. A heart rate higher than 100 beats per minute can be a sign of a heart abnormality.

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For a healthy adult a normal pulse rate while resting can range from 60-80 beats per minute. This can vary due to health and actual physical fitness.
You can measure your pulse by placing two fingers on the artery in your inner wrist or the side of your neck, next to your windpipe. Count the number of beats in 15 seconds and then
60 to 80 bpm.
A normal pulse rate for a healthy adult, while resting, can range from 60 to 100
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A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges between 60 to 100 beats per minute.
Many factors can influence your heart rate, including: activity level, fitness level, air temperature, body position, emotional state, medications, or body size.
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