What Is Norman Rockwell Famous for?


Norman Percevel Rockwell was an American artist per excellence, born on 3rd February, 1894. He became widely famous for his innate ability to get the point across using pictures and his flair for thorough detail and was among the favourite artists of the advertising industry.
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Norman Rockwell
Born: February 3, 1894
Birthplace: New York, New York
Died: November 8, 1978
Norman Rockwell was an American artist who is famous for his illustrations that appear on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.
American artist Norman Rockwell is known for his witty and heartwarming covers for The Saturday Evening Post. He did 322 covers for the popular magazine from 1916 through 1963: paintings of barefoot kids, small-town doctors, helpful cops, and other scen
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american aritist.
Norman Percevel Rockwell was born February 3, 1894. His family lived in New York City and consisted of his mother, Ann Mary Rockwell, his father, Jarvis Waring, and one brother, Jarvis
With weekly circulation and readship in the low millions even into the 1950's NR's simple representations shown weekly on the Saturday Evening Post, were utterly devoid of conflict
Rockwell was born in New York City in 1894. He showed a knack for painting at the Chase Art School and was soon publishing images in Boys' Life and other magazines. Rockwell served
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