What Is Normative Theory?


Normative theory is concerned with the ends and justifications for the law as a whole and for particular legal rules. It is a hypothesis of what is right and wrong, desirable or undesirable, just or unjust in society. Subsequent entries in the legal have examined exemplars of the three great traditions in normative theory which are consequentialist, deontological, and aretaic perspectives.
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The normative theories of the media are theories that explain how the mass media ought to operate within certain socio-political settings. In other words, they explain the relationship
Any theory which seeks to explain or predict what would happen under theoretical constraints; what ought to be, such as perfect competition, rather than what is, or will be (imperfect
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Normative theory is a theory which seeks to describe statements about what is correct and incorrect, desirable or unwanted, just or unfair in society. It also tries to explain or predict what would happen under hypothetical constraints; what should be, such as ideal competition, instead of what is, or will.
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