What Is Not Allowed in Hand Luggage?


The Department for Transport requires that Airlines set the own maximize size of items for hand baggage. Before travelling it is important to check with your airline their size limit. Airlines sometimes have their own rules about the number of bags you should carry.
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Musical instruments are hard luggage as they don?t fit in the permitted cabin baggage size are allowed as a second item of cabin baggage. Some of the hard languages are the laptop bag, Pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs are permitted but will be screened. Essential medicines are allowed in larger quantities above the 100ml limit but will be subject to verification. Wrapped Christmas presents are not excused from the present aviation security measures, and are subject to searching and screening measures by airport security staff when flying from the UK.
Things that are not allowed in a hand luggage include scissors, catapults, razor blades, toys or replica guns, darts, sporting bats and knitting needles. They are restricted due to security purposes. Hand luggage allowance is limited to only one piece per person, weighing less than five kilograms and measuring up to 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.
Hand luggage is luggage that you can carry on the plane with you. Due to security reasons, there are some items that are not allowed in hand luggage, they include; toy replicas of guns, knitting needles, any liquids in quantities greater than 100ml, household cutlery, razor blades, catapults, darts, scissors among others.
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