What Is Oceanology?


Oceanology is a branch of science studies the physical and biological aspects of ocean. Sometimes this is also called Oceanography or Marine science.
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[oh-shuh-nol-uh-jee, oh-shee-uh-]
the practical application of oceanography.
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Oceanology is the scientific study of the ocean. Oceanology specialist are the ones who study and test technology for marine resources in the ocean.
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Oceanology is the study of the ocean. Not to be confused with marine biology, it is the study of the actual ocean and not the organisms in the ocean.
Oceanography, also called oceanology or marine science, is a huge science considered a branch of the Earth sciences. Oceanography is an interdisciplinary science that uses insights
n. 1. another term for oceanography. 2. the branch of technology and economics dealing with human use of the sea. oceanological adj. oceanologist n. See the Introduction, Abbreviations
Oceanology:1:the branch of science dealing with physical and biological aspects of the
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Oceanology is the study of the ocean and how humans interact with it. Another name for oceanology is marine science. ...
Science is so amazing. Science is broken down into categories: biology, astronomy, health, chemistry, oceanology, meteorology, agriculture, ecology, and geology. ...
The education requirement for an oceanographer is a Master's or PhD in Oceanology. The minimum amount of education is 6 years. They can specialize in biological ...
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