What Is Oil Made up of?


Oil can be categorized into two types namely organic and mineral oils. Organic oils are produced by animals, plants and other organisms through natural metabolic processes. Mineral oils are made from ancient fossilized organic materials which geochemical processes and convert into oil.
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Sunflower oil is made from sunflower seeds. Up to 50 percent of the sunflower seed's weight is oil that is extracted when the seed is crushed. Sunflower seeds are made into cooking
Petro chemicals.
While vegetable oil comes from vegetable sources, as opposed to animal sources, it is in fact the oil of oil-seeds, most of which would be called. grains. or. legumes. by the food-guide
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The remains of plants and animals create oil in about 150 million years if not tampered with. This is usually done so at the bottom of an ocean that has dried out.
Oil like the other two non renewable energy sources is from decayed animal and plants buried deep within the earth. It is extracted by being pumped above the ground.
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