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Oilcloth is a plain-weave cotton fabric which is treated with a solution of linseed oil (an extract of the flax plant) and a colouring, and then glazed to ensure water-resistance. Oil cloth has been mostly replaced with plastic coated cloth, and was popular for tablecloths and rainwear.
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[oil-klawth, -kloth]
a cotton fabric made waterproof by being treated with oil and pigment, for use as tablecloths, shelf coverings, and the like.
a piece of this fabric.
Oilcloth is a type of treated waterproof fabric. It was originally made from canvas that had been impregnated in oils and hence the name 'oilcloth' which now refers to vinyl material backed with cotton used in today's outdoor furniture coverings.
Oilcloth is a vinyl product, bonded with and supported by a cotton mesh. Oilcloth is waterproof and stain resistant, although it may fade in direct sunlight. It is often used for table coverings, aprons, tote bags, lunch bags, and shelf liners. You can find more info at:
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1. Cut your fabric to the desired size. Oilcloth can be cut and sewn after it is treated, so work with a larger piece to begin, and cut it down to smaller pieces after the oilcloth
An oilcloth is a cloth treated with oil or paint and used for table and shelf coverings. Thanks
Oilcloth traditionally was made from close-woven linen or cotton duck cloth. The name "Oilcloth" was given to it because of the coating of boiled linseed oil which was added
Original oilcloth was once made by treating canvas or linen with linseed oil and block printed with beautiful decorative designs. The original techniques have become rare and commercially
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At one time oilcloth tablecloths were very popular. They are still in use today, however, there are many more options for table-clothes these days. Oilcloth table-clothes ...
The definition of oilcloth is a fabric that has been treated with oil, clay and pigments with the intention of making this piece of fabric waterproof. This fabric ...
Oilcloth is actually a mixture of cloth and vinyl. It is most commonly found in table clothes or place mats. Here are photos: . ...
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