What is old age?


Old age is defined as the ages that are surpassing or nearing the normal life span of humans. It signifies the final ages of the life cycle of humans. It is a phrase used to refer to senior citizens, seniors or the elderly.
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It was a pamphlet written in the late 17th century by American Revolutionary Thomas Paine. The book,which was a best-seller in America, was about Paine challenging the legitimacy
The legal drinking age is 5 in England but must by done under the supervision of an adult and it must be consumed in the home. Social Services frowns upon this and would like you
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The average age for menopause is from the late forties or early fifties on into the sixties for some. Pre-menopause starts in the forties for most women. Everybody is different of
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old age
the last period of human life, now often considered to be the years after 65.
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