How Much Is a Quart of Water?


A quart of water is a unit of volume that is equivalent to 1.136 litres using the British imperial system. In the US, the quantity of dry measure and liquid measure varies slightly; 0.946 litres for liquid measure and 1.101 litres for dry measure.
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1 quart of water is equivalent to 0.94635 litres or 946.35 millilitres of water. The British Imperial system of liquid and dry measure uses one quart, ounce and pint but these differ from any of the U.S. measures as does the British Imperial peck, gallon and bushel.
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A quart of water is equal to either 32 ounces, four cups or two pints. Additionally, a quart of water will weigh just around 2.08 pounds.
Probibly two gallons.
2 US quarts = 1.89270589 litres, or one half gallon if they are liquid
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