What Is Online Chat?


The term online chat is used to refer to any type of communication that needs the internet to take place. This type of communication usually offers real time and direct transmission of text based messages.
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When someone is a faceless entity hiding behind a computer screen, then normal guidelines for social behavior can sometimes be abandoned. For example, chat rooms are often littered
Any kind of communication over the Internet can be called. online. chat. It offers a. real-time. direct transmission of. text-based. messages from sender to receiver. Online. chat
1. Think about who you want to chat with. If you're just planning on chatting with friends and family, you'll have different needs than if you want to chat with a community or with
In addition to handling multiple clients (I usually helped a max of 3-4) and using scripted answers for the most common scenarios, I also used Phrase Express to insert phrases when
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