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Op art is a term that is used to refer to optical art which is a style of visual art which makes use of optical illusions. Many known op arts are made in black and white and when a person looks at the art, impressions of movement, hidden images and swelling and warping are given.
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Op art, or optical art, is the style of artwork created by optical illusion. One of the more famous artists of this art is M. C. Escher. Anyone who grew up in the 1960's is sure to
Op Art is short for optical art, which is a form of visual art, and themed from abstract art, specifically optical illusions. It uses the repetition of simple forms and colors to
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op art
a style of abstract art in which lines, forms, and space are organized in such a way as to provide optical illusions of an ambiguous nature, as alternately advancing and receding squares on a flat surface.
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The term Op Art was coined by Time Magazine in 1964 to describe a major show of optical art -- designs using geometric designs to invoke feelings of movement or vibration. You can find more information here: http://wwar.com/masters/movements/op_art.html
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