What is Oprah Winfrey's mailing address?


Oprah Winfrey can receive mail through her production company, Harpo Studios, at 1058 West Washington Blvd., Chicago, IL 60607. She can also receive email and other electronic communications through the Oprah Winfrey Network website, Oprah.com.

Oprah Winfrey is one of the foremost leaders in entertainment and communications and is the wealthiest black woman in the United States. She has a wide range of businesses and creative outlets and is noted as an Academy Award-nominated actress, an author, a magazine publisher, a film and television producer and a talk show host. Since moving to Chicago in 1983, she has remained faithful to her adopted hometown.

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Oprah mailing address Oprah Winfrey Harpo Productions PO Box 909715 Chicago, IL 60690 USA To request an autograph if you are in the US, send a self-addressed envelope (at least 8.5&
You can send Oprah Winfrey fan mail to Harpo Studios, Inc. 1058 West Washington Blvd.
Why Oprah? Why not Ellen or the local agencies in your area? Start by calling: The National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-SAFE (799-7233) Source(s): http://www.ndvh.org/
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