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The word optical has several meanings including visual in relation to sight and making use of light sensitive apparatus. In astronomy, particularly optical astronomy, the term suggests the use of visible light while as an instrument they are intended to assist in sight.
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of, pertaining to, or applying optics or the principles of optics.
constructed to assist sight or to correct defects in vision.
of or pertaining to sight or vision; visual.
of or pertaining to the eye.
of or pertaining to an optician or opticians or to their products, especially eyeglasses: an optical service.
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Optical is a term often used in relation to sight in reference to the physical relation of light. It is also used to describe an object constructed to assist sight. The term is also widely used in fibre and computer related fields.
Optical refers to something having to do with light. For example, the vision in your eyes are basically an optical device. Another example are CDs and DVDs that read and write information using a laser, another optical device. This contrasts with hard drives, which are magnetic devices, and flash drives, which are electronic devices.
Optical means having to do with sight or visual in some way. For example, an optical illusion would be an illusion that works by deceiving the eyes. Optical can also mean having to do with light that is visible.
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Optics is a field of study in physics that helps us understand the properties of light and how light bends and refracts to form wavelengths of color.
The eyes and the brain have an interesting relationship. You would think that what we see is transferred to the brain and then the brain tells us exactly what our eyes transmitted
1. Insert the optical cable into the "Optical Out" audio port on the back of the television or other audio/video device you want to send to the surround sound system. 2.
When we look at something, our brain tries to group what we are seeing together so we can determine exactly what it is we are seeing. For instance, the brain may group colors together
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