What is the origin of the "Red Rover" game? ?


No one really knows the origin of the Red Rover game. This game is believed to have come from Britain in the 19th century. It is sometimes called the 'Open the City Gates' game. 
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It's a children's game involving two lines of childre who stand parallel to each other. The line, or team, who's turn it is chants "Red Rover Red Rover, send "child's name
The name "Red Rover" came from the people in the
'Spencer The Rover' is a popular Yorkshire air and folksong. It appears in printed music sheets as a Broadside Ballad from 1850 onwards. There are numerous examples in the Broadside
In a ring game, children form a circle, chant rhymes and move around in a pattern. These movements often include running, walking, crouching, jumping and falling down. Many of these
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