What Is Orthographic?


Orthographic is an adjective that refer to that which pertains orthography. Orthography is the art of writing words using proper letters and according to accepted usage. It entails spelling and letters.
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Orthographic drawings include elevations, plans and sections, which are drawn in such a way that the view frame (also known as a picture plane) is parallel to the object. The viewer
An orthographer is a person versed in orthography or spelling. That is, someone who spells
I think it means the scripts of two programs look similar. for x=1 to 10: print x: next do until x=10: print x: x=x+1:loop For example, 2 words that are orthographically similar are
orthographic: of or relating to or expressed in orthography
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of or pertaining to orthography.
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Orthographic projections are one of the map projections that cartographers use to create a representation of the Earth in a two-dimensional plane. With orthographic ...
Orthographic projection is a technique of drawing a three dimensional object from different directions. In this technique, a front, side and plan view are drawn ...
An orthographic drawing is a method that allows someone to represent a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional piece of paper. By drawing the object for ...
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