Osteophytosis refers to the outgrowths of bone tissue that form around damaged joints. It occurs in musculoskeletal disorders, such as neuropathic osteoarthropathy, Wilson's disease, acromegaly, macrodystrophia lipomatosa progressive and osteoarthritis.
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Osteophytosis is another name for bone spur. Osteophytosis are outgrowths of bone tissue that form around damaged joints. Bone spurs, usually formed in reaction to arthritis.
Facet joints allow your spine to bend and flex in a controlled manner. As wear and tear occur and the cartilage in the facet joint deteriorates, the body's natural healing mechanics
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osteophytosis is the outgrowth of immature bony processes from the vertebrae, reflecting the presence of degenerative disease and calcification. It includes cervical and lumbar spondylosis
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Definition of Osteophytosis
The human body has a diversity of defenses to protect itself from disorders. Osteophytosis, bony growths, is one of these defense reactions.... More »
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