What are the causes of overgrazing?


Overgrazing is a condition which occurs when plants are exposed to severe grazing for extended periods of time or without sufficient recovery periods. It is either caused by livestock in poorly managed agricultural applications or by overpopulations of native wild animals.
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Overgrazing is the process by which domestic animals (such as sheep or cattle) degrade the land by eating more plant material than the land can sustain. That is to say the plants
Overgrazing is when plants are exposed to livestock grazing for extended periods of time, or
when people have more animals on a property than the growth can support .and leave them there for two long . the grass gets eaten down to its roots and dies and desertification is
o·ver·graze (vr-grz) tr.v. o·ver·grazed, o·ver·graz·ing, o·ver·graz·es To permit animals to graze (vegetational
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[oh-ver-greyz, oh-ver-greyz]
to graze (land) to excess.
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Overgrazing occurs when a pasture or range land is used for feeding livestock to the point where the grass is almost or completely gone.
Overgrazing is when an animal such as cows or sheep or any grazing animal is allowed to eat so much vegetation that it cannot come back or sustain itself.
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