What is ovoviviparous?


Ovoviviparous. note that the third letter is an 'o' not an 'i' - means producing young by means of eggs that are hatched within the body of the parent - as in some snakes. This is different from. Oviparous. which means producing young by means of
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producing eggs that are hatched within the body, so that the young are born alive but without placental attachment, as certain reptiles or fishes.
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Ovoviviparous is a zoological term that refers to animals that produce eggs but retain them
They are animals who develop in the egg in the mother's body, up until they hatch. The difference between viviparous animals and ovoviviparous animals, it's that the ovoviviparous
(ō'vō-vī-vĭp'ər-əs) adj. Producing eggs that hatch within the female's body without obtaining nourishment from it. Used of certain fishes and reptiles
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Ovoviviparous is a word that describes a type of reproduction. This is a type of reproduction where the female lays eggs which actually stay inside the body. Animals ...
One example of an animal that is OVOVIVIPAROUS is the Greenland Shark. ...
Cockroach have four types of reproduction. These are ovoviviparity, false ovoviviparity, true sep1 and viviparity. ovoviviparity means the ootheca is dropped shortly ...
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