What Is Ozone Layer?


The ozone layer is a layer in our Earth's atmosphere. It has a highly rich concentration of ozone, thus it's name, ozone layer. It absorbs about 93% of the sun's ultraviolet light, which can be harmful to life on Earth.
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Features Ozone is a compound consisting of three oxygen molecules bound together (O3). When ultraviolet radiation strikes ozone, it is broken down into a single (O) and double (O2
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The scientific evidence, accumulated over more than two decades of study by the international research community, has shown that certain human made chemicals containing chlorine and
Variant: ozonosphere A layer of the earth's atmosphere in which most of the atmosphere's ozone is concentrated. It occurs 15–50 km above the earth's surface and is virtually
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The ozone layer is an atmospheric layer located in the stratosphere.
The ozone layer absorbs 97-99% of the Sun's high frequency ultraviolet light, protecting life on earth from potential damage.
Ozone layer is protective layer in Atmosphere made up of O3. It filters out hazardous Ultra Violet radiation from Sun. It is found between 15km to 24km.
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