What Is Paco2?


PaCO2 stands for partial pressure of Carbon dioxide. It refers to the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in blood inside the arteries that is measured in kilopascals or millimetres of mercury.
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Paco2 stands for partial pressure of carbon dioxide (the co2 part) i the arterial blood. This usually indicates how well the lungs are eliminating carbon dioxide.
It stands for Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide.
Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide in Arterial Blood
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The normal Paco2 levels are 35-45mmhg. This is the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in arterial blood. Below 35mmhg, the Paco2 level is alkalotic and above 45mmhg ...
Paco2 simply stands for Partial pressure of Carbon dioxide. Paco2 is the gas phase pressure of carbon dioxide which would be in equilibrium with the dissolved ...
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