What Is Paper Mache?


Paper Mache is also written as papier-mâché and it refers to a material made from paper pulp, combined with size or glue pulp that can be moulded when wet and painted when dry. It is formed into several articles generally by means of moulds.
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[pey-per-muh-shey, -ma-]
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Paper mache is a simple mixture that can be formed into numerous crafts. The materials needed are; newspaper, water, salt and glue. Tear the newspaper into small pieces and put them
Video Transcript. So our paper mache is made and ready to go. Now we need to know how to use it. Our hands are probably already really messy and cunky, so I'm going to show you the
1 Apply white Gesso all over your creation, making sure you paint Gesso into any corners and creases You may require several layers to ensure a smooth base all over, so let it dry
The paper mache volcanos are fun to make, and you can actually built them so they erupt once they are fully built! Materials needed are: 1 plastic bottle (such as empty water bottle
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If you are thinking of creating your own decorations for a party, it can be a lot of fun to make a paper mache palm tree. In order to create the paper mache palm ...
Paper mache molds can be just about anything that helps hold the shape of the paper mache form. Artists use cardboard, plastic bowls or forms, balloons and even ...
Paper mache projects are a great way to keep the kids busy on a rainy day. Since most anything can be built out of paper mache, their imagination is the only limitation ...
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