What Is Parkour?


Parkour is a philosophy that focuses on efficient and rational movement in both the urban and natural environments. The main intention of the discipline is to train contestants how to move through their environment by rolling, vaulting, running, jumping and climbing.
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So, what is parkour exactly? You may have seen parkour in your city, people running and leaping over obstacles. In parkour, people use free movement as a means of expressing themselves
1. Accept the basic philosophy of parkour. The overall goal is to move from one point to another as efficiently as possible, with obstacles serving as both challenges to be overcome
parkour is a type of self defense in marchel arts that is qualified in no catagory and founded by sebastian foucan. It was also part of military trainingThe idea is to move from point
1. As you jump, look down to spot where your landing will be. Ad. 2. As you. jump upwards and forwards. (not straight down) Bring your knees up towards your chest. The reason is that
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