What Is Participatory Approach?


Participatory approach is a research method where the researcher or observer attends group events and is directly involved in the subject of the event and they also record the observations. Participatory approach attempts to be an interactive practice, instead of a one-off exercise for getting information from people.
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Participatory research has three key elements: people, power and praxis. It is people-centered in the sense that the process of critical inquiry, power functions in all knowledge and in every definition and praxis as it recognizes the inseparability of theory and practice and critical awareness of the personal-political dialectic.
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Participatory approach must important approcah in Public Administration because of public administration works itself for public.
For a collection of participatory field tools, methods and approaches developed or applied by FAO and outside FAO, please click here . This database offers a number of detailed search
In participatory approach, every participant is actively involved in all activites of the programme. Unlike the trainer-centred training, participatory approach is essentially participant-centred
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