What Is PDC?


PDC is an acronym that stands for a number of things. For example, PDC stands for programme delivery control. It is a method used to control video cassette recorders so that if a TV show is delayed or rescheduled the recording will automatically be re-scheduled. PDC also stands for primary domain controller which is basically a server computer in a Windows domain.
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The "Primary Domain Controller" holds the SAM database and authenticates access requests from
it means the PDC (park distance control) does not work properly, could be damaged or faulty, could also be a coding problem. This ideally needs to be checked at your local dealer.
Primary Domain Controller (Microsoft Windows NT Server)
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PDC stands for Primary Domain Controller, which is a server that authenticates usernames and passwords when members log in to a network.
A PDC is a primary domain controller. A PDC must be installed before any other domain servers. The primary domain controller maintains the master copy of the directory database and validates users.
PDC is a commonly used acronym that stands for Primary Domain Controller. It could also be referring to Professional Developers Conference, Park Distance Control and Public Disclosure Commission.
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