What Is PDC?


PDC is an acronym that stands for a number of things. For example, PDC stands for programme delivery control. It is a method used to control video cassette recorders so that if a TV show is delayed or rescheduled the recording will automatically be re-scheduled. PDC also stands for primary domain controller which is basically a server computer in a Windows domain.
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The "Primary Domain Controller" holds the SAM database and authenticates access requests from
In an Active Directory Domain, there is a special Domain Controller which holds the FSMO Role "PDC Emulator". As its name suggests, it is there to ease migration from NT
Primary Domain Controller (Microsoft Windows NT Server)
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PDC stands for Primary Domain Controller, which is a server that authenticates usernames and passwords when members log in to a network.
A PDC is a primary domain controller. A PDC must be installed before any other domain servers. The primary domain controller maintains the master copy of the directory database and validates users.
PDC is a commonly used acronym that stands for Primary Domain Controller. It could also be referring to Professional Developers Conference, Park Distance Control and Public Disclosure Commission.
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