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Tom Corbett (R)
Tom Corbett (R) is the governor of Pennsylvania.
Governor of:
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Pennsylvania is famous for both manufacturing and steel industry. Anthracite coal, one of the prime resources available in north eastern part of Pennsylvania is considered to be one of the leading forces in the expansion of the American railroads. Pennsylvania is also famous for metal products, equipments used in transportation, foodstuff, chemicals, rubber, glass products and clay.
Pennsylvania is famous for being the only colonial state that is not surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is also famous because of its steel industry and for being the first in the United States to have a licensed plate website URL. Pennsylvania largest city known as Philadelphia was once the capital city of United States.
The state of Pennsylvania is famous for many reasons. The first indoor zoo was built in Pittsburgh while the first Thanksgiving Day parade was held in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is also known for some famous people that hail from the state, including the first African-American Secretary of State, Dr. C. Delores Tucker, as well as actor Bradley Cooper and singer Christina Aguilera, to name a few.
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Pennsylvania has been known as the Keystone State since 1802, partly because of its central location in the middle of the original Thirteen colonies. It is also because many important
The American Revolution, The Birth of a Nation. The Pennsylvania Dutch. The National Aviary. The Johnstown Flood. The First Zoo. Lake Erie. Eastern State Penitentiaary. The Phillies
The eastern hemlock tree is native to Pennsylvania. The eastern hemlock tree, which is classified as a conifer, is native to Pennsylvania that grows in stands in shady, moist areas
Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial
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Pennsylvania is a very interesting place to visit. One of the most famous areas would be the Independence Hall in Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence ...
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