What made Pennsylvania famous?


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Tom Corbett (R)
Tom Corbett (R) is the governor of Pennsylvania.
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The First Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia in 1774, as did three sessions of the Second Continental Congress, plus two additional ones in other parts of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was where the Declaration of Independence was signed. It was also one of the first capitals of the United States. Benjamin Franklin lived in Pennsylvania as did William Penn, Ezra Pound, Louisa May Alcott, Andy Warhol, Kevin Bacon, Ken Griffey Jr. & Sr. and literally dozens of other American household names.

Hershey, the famous chocolate factory, is in Pennsylvania. The Liberty Bell is also in Pennsylvania. It is home to one of the oldest taverns in America that is still in operation. It is said that Paul Revere stopped in for some refreshment during his midnight ride to warn of the impending arrival of the British. Pennsylvania has also given Americans the cheese steak and scrapple. When it comes to sports, Pennsylvania has some of the top teams and most faithful fans in the country. It is also home to some of the top universities in the country.

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