What Is Perseverance?


Perseverance is commitment, hard work, patience and endurance. It is being able to bear difficulties calmly and without complaints. It is also the act of trying again and again.
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1. Know what you want. Maybe your goal is specific: you want to climb Mount Everest, stop smoking, or get a better job. Or maybe it's more a more general goal to be a better family
To be persistant in anything undertaken.
1. Write down your specific goals related to your career or business. Describe where you want to be both in the short term and several years down the road. 2. Explore your motivation
Perverse (adj.) meaning 1. Directed away from what is right or good; perverted, 2. Obstinately
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steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.
Theology continuance in a state of grace to the end, leading to eternal salvation.
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The term 'perseverance' can mean commitment, patience, hard work or endurance; the ability to withstand difficulties calmly and without complaining; or trying several times till you attainment of a goal. One practices perseverance by staying fully committed to someone or something.
Perseverance is when someone is dedicated. It is best to use perseverance when you try to accomplish anything in your life such as school or work. You should always follow your dreams.
Perseverance is a term that means never giving up. A person with perseverance will keep on going when things get tough knowing that they can make it through the worst and the best.
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Perseverance is a noun that means steadfastness in doing something despite the delay or difficulty in achieving success. It is also the continuance in a state ...
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