What Is Petticoating?


Petticoating or pinaforing, refers to a type of forced feminization sexual fantasy that revolves around the practice of dressing a boy in girls' Clothing for the reason of humiliating punishment or behaviour modification or to the literature, erotic fiction, or role playing of such a fantasy.
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Petticoating , is a kind of roleplay or sexual fantasy that revolves around a male being
Meaning wearing or furnished with a petticoat Usage Example(s) petticoated ladies a petticoated table Similar To clothed (what does clothed mean?) clad (what does clad mean?)
I think Team Rockets is wrong for doing so. Although the site promotes some strange behavior, it is not illegal, like e.g. a site that promotes pedophilia. That would be different
pet·ti·coat (pt-kt) n. 1. A woman's slip or underskirt that is often full and trimmed with ruffles or lace. Also called pettiskirt. 2. Something, such as a decorative
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Petticoating is an act of punishing unruly male person so as to make him morally upright. It can also refer to an act of humiliating a male person by forcing him to wear feminine clothing. Petticoating can also be used in movies to enhance the role of a female person as fiction.
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