Pex Pipe?


PEX piping is a material used when installing piping. PEX refers to a cross linked polyethylene meaning that the tubing is resistant to the bad effects of hot and cold temperatures. The cross linking takes place through a chemical reaction between the polyethylene inside the piping resulting in a flexible, resistant tubing.
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What Is Pex Piping?
Plumbers are faced with a decision when installing piping for a location. Several different materials are available for use, one of which is PEX piping. Developed for use in Europe during the 1970s, PEX piping was first introduced to the United States in... More »
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1. Cut the damaged section of PEX pipe on a 90-degree angle and remove it, using a PEX cutter. 2. Slide a crimp ring over the end of each side of the removed damaged area. Slide the
1 Cut the GTPEX® pipe at a 90º angle using the appropriate PEX cutter, such as our GTCut tool. Ad 2 Insert the ring onto the pipe at about 1/8” from the end. Insert
Pex pipe was generally found in radiant heat installations but is becoming more common for general use such as hot and cold piping. This product is made of cross linked polyethylene
The two main advantages is that its cheaper than copper and is easier to install.
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To install PEX water supply piping, start by drilling holes through wood wall studs using a right angle drill. Next, thread the pipe through the holes and apply ...
You can use poly pipe. It will fail in a very short time, probably before the first year of use. It will fail without warning. Poly tubing is not designed to take ...
PEX pipe is a drainage system product that does not involve with heat or glue. It can be used by slipping a metal crimp ring over the pipe and enlarge the end ...
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