What is phase change?


A really good answer for phase change would be an ice cube melting into water. It is the changing of a mass due to its reaction to heat.
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A phase change is when a substance changes from one phase of matter to another. The phases of matter include solid, liquid, gas and plasma. When ice melts, it changes from a solid to a liquid.
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According to the Newton "Ask a Scientist" page, exothermic-phase changes are those that give off energy or heat, such as liquid water freezing into ice ...
Sublimation, when a solid transforms into a gas, is an endothermic phrase change, while deposition, when a gas transforms to a solid, is an exothermic phase change ...
The phase changes involving the absorption of heat are melting, vaporization, sublimation and ionization. Melting describes the process of a solid turning into ...
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