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A photon is a fundamental particle of light (does not have any sub-particles). The photon is massless and has no electric charge. In empty space the photon travels at the speed of light. The concept of the photon was developed by Albert Einstein. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photon
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The basic unit (quantum) of electromagnetic radiation (and therefore light), photons were first postulated by Planck, whose measurements of the blackbody spectrum showed that electromagnetic radiation... More »
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Photons are nothing but light waves. Photons is a word derived from Greek word. Photons means waves carrying photo that is light waves.
A photon is what is known as an elementary particle, which means it cannot be divided into sub-components. It is also what is known as the quantum of the electromagnetic field. This
A photon is a particle of electromagnetic radiation, for example a gamma ray, x-ray, light, etc.
photon bunching is the tendency for photons (and more generally, all bosons), to 'move together'. for example, if two identical photons were incident on different input ports of a
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A photon is a quantum of light energy also called electromagnetic. Photon are on a constant move at a very high speed, also known as the speed of light. ...
Photons are bundles or elementary particles of electromagnetic energy. These particles are constantly in motion and they travel at a speed of 2.998 x 10^8 m/s. ...
Photonics is the study of electromagnetic energy that has the basic unit of a photon. Photonics is also the application of such a thing. It incorporates laser ...
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