What is a physical change?


Physical changes refer to changes which affect form of chemical substances. The chemical compositions of the substances remain unchanged after undergoing physical changes. A good example of a physical change is when salt dissolves in water.
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it is say when wood is burned it can't go back to its original shape and/or colour .
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There are many different physical changes that can take place at any given time. To know what exactly these certain physical changes mean we would need to know what the changes are.
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physical change
a usually reversible change in the physical properties of a substance, as size or shape: Freezing a liquid is a physical change.
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Physical change is change to the outside appearance of someone. It can be weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, different hairstyle, or cosmetic surgery.
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Characteristics of a physical change is going from a solid to liquid, liquid to gas, or change in shape. In a physical change, the chemical elements do not change ...
The melting of ice is a physical change. A physical change involves states of matter and energy. The melting of ice is a phase change, which is a type of physical ...
Baking a cake is a chemical change, not a physical change. A physical change does not produce a new substance, as it only involves a change in state, like butter ...
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