What is a physical change?


Physical changes refer to changes which affect form of chemical substances. The chemical compositions of the substances remain unchanged after undergoing physical changes. A good example of a physical change is when salt dissolves in water.
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A physical change is a change that happens to an object or substance through physical reactions. A chemical change is a change that happens to an object or substance through chemical
An example would be the flame causing the wax to melt.
you see a physical change is not like a chemical change which is when something is made to something new physical change on the other hand is when something minor changes like its
Physical fitness is a term used to represent the state of fitness of the body to be able to carry out everyday activities, handle emergency situations, and to be free from illness
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physical change
a usually reversible change in the physical properties of a substance, as size or shape: Freezing a liquid is a physical change.
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Physical change is change to the outside appearance of someone. It can be weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, different hairstyle, or cosmetic surgery.
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Characteristics of a physical change is going from a solid to liquid, liquid to gas, or change in shape. In a physical change, the chemical elements do not change ...
Physical change is the change of a substance which can be observed without changing the state of the matter. This can be a change in colour size texture and the ...
Physical changes take place when there is a change in matter which does not change the individual molecules. Some examples would be: boiling water, tearing a piece ...
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