What Is Poison Gas?


Poison gas is any of the various gases with either poisonous or corrosive nature. These gases are sometimes used in warfare or riot control and include; mustard gas, hydrogen cyanide, chlorine compound and methyl bromide. Some poison gases are very lethal and have been proven to kill e.g. In World War 1 it was used by Germans used chlorine gas to kill many of their enemies.
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That sounds very much like bromine. Nitrogen dioxide, is also a brown very toxic gas. Used in the production of Sulphuric Acid.
n. A gas or vapor used especially in chemical warfare to injure, disable, or kill upon inhalation or contact.
There are many poisonous gases. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is colorless, odorless, and extremely
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poison gas
any of various toxic gases, especially those used in chemical warfare to kill or incapacitate on inhalation or contact, as phosgene, chlorine, etc.
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Poison gas is a gas that adversely affects the body when it is inhaled or contacted. These gasses are mostly used in chemical warfare where they may be used against enemies to kill or cause serious bodily harm.
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