How to Kill Poison Ivy?


A very simple and cheap way to kill poison ivy is to give an oatmeal bath. Put oatmeal in very warm water and soak in it. Make sure that oatmeal reaches all areas that have poison ivy.
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poison ivy
a vine or shrub, Rhus radicans, having trifoliate leaves and whitish berries and causing severe dermatitis when touched by persons sensitive to it.
the rash caused by touching poison ivy.
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1. Immediately wash everything that might have touched the plant. You may be able to remove the offending oil completely or at least reduce the impending rash. 2. Soothe itching with
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Fluocinonide is only used to treat poison ivy when the skin becomes infected or inflamed. Most often, this drug is used for only very severe cases of the infection ...
Poison ivy is a poisonous North American plant whose sap contains a clear liquid compound that causes an itching rash in most people who touch it. Poison ivy poisoning ...
The first remedy for poison ivy is to wash the area thoroughly with soap and ...
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