What Is Polar Fleece?


Polar fleece is a synthetic alternative to wool. It is a warm material that is used during winter as it is light and soft. It is a strong woven fibre made of a strong, stiff synthetic and was first created in 1979.
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1. Wash your fleece garments separately from other laundry. Turn them inside out before placing them in the washing machine. Set the water on cool to lukewarm. According to The Complete
Malden Mills.
Polar Fleece created in 1979 by Malden Mills, now Polartec LLC., a new, light and strong pile
Fleece is a "fuzzy" fabric, generally made of polyester or polypropylene or a blend with cotton. Polarfleece is one brand. Source(s): http://www.polartec.com/polarfleece/
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Polar fleece was developed in the 1970s as a synthetic alternative to wool and it is an excellent winter fabric because it's soft, lightweight, durable and machine-washable.
Polar fleece is a synthetic wool fabric. It is light and soft and meant to resemble wool. It is used to make sweaters, hats, jackets and blankets.
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Polar fleece should be washed separately from other clothing. You want to turn the garments inside out prior to washing. Wash on cool or lukewarm settings. Do ...
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