What Is Police Culture?


Police culture entails power and status of being a police. Once a police wears uniform s/he assumes the authority that comes with it and commands respect from the public. The police is always the good guy and the public the potentially bad guys. They also have a code of silence and not testify against each other.
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This is hard to pin down across the board. In addition to there assuredly being different pet peeves harbored by officers in different locales, law enforcement is not a monoculture;
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The term 'police culture' may refer to different aspects of policing. It can refer to the attitude that is attributed to the police forces almost everywhere, by the society at large, criminals and senior police officials. It could also refer to attitudes of police towards the use of their discretionary powers.
Some think that police culture refers to the band police. However, this is not so. Police culture is a term used to describe all aspects of life as a police officer. You can find more information here: faculty.ncwc.edu
The term 'Police Culture' refers to a few aspects of policing. It can refer to the 'Us vs Them' attitude, where by 'Them' meaning society at large, criminals, and even senior police officials. It can also refer to police attitudes toward the use of discretionary powers where 'protecting society from criminals' is thought to justify the means. Some examples of this is, excessive use of force, unlawful searches, and untruthful testimony. It can refer to the feeling of loyalty towards fellow officers. This feeling goes beyond what is found among employees and other professionals.
Police culture refers to the training that helps a police officer make routine decisions. It is useful because it teaches the officer when and how to use their powers.
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