Uses of Polonium?


Polonium is a radioactive element, which has an atomic number of 84, and an atomic weight of about 210. It is used in nuclear weapons to trigger neutron motion. Polonium was discovered in 1879 by Marie and Pierre Curie.
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The discovery of polonium is part of the overall picture of the Periodic Table of Elements which allows us to understand chemistry on a very fundamental level. However the element
Polonium-210 can be detected in faeces and urine.
Wikipedia is your friend. All isotopes of polonium are radioactive. Po-210 emits for instance an alpha particle. When mixed with beryllium, the latter emits a neutron upon absorption
There is no such thing as "used" polonium. You actually can buy it though, in a microscopic amount bonded to a pinhead. It may be found in static control devices (brushes)
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Polonium is mainly used in nuclear weapons to trigger neutron motion. It is also used in making photographic plates, and it can be used in many industrial application to reduce static charge. Polonium is a radioactive element, which was discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie in 1897.
Polonium is used in devices that eliminates static charges in textile mills and other places. It can be used as an atomic heat source to power radioisotope thermoelectric generators.
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