What Is Porcelain Used for?


The term porcelain refers to a hard, fine-grained, sonorous, nonporous, and usually translucent and white ceramic ware made of kaolin fired at a high temperature. Porcelain materials have high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock. It is mainly used for utilitarian wares and artistic objects.
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Porcelain is used in making house wares, decorative items and objects of fine art such as tiles. It is a ceramic with clay as one of its constituents. Porcelain originated from China and spread to other parts of the world such as Europe where it was referred to as soft-paste.
Porcelain is a ceramic material that is made by heating raw materials such as clay in form of kaolin. The raw materials are heated in a kiln to temperatures between 1200 C and 1400 C. This name is got from an Italian word 'porcellana' which means cowry shell.
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