What Is Potassium Phosphate Used for?


Potassium phosphate is a drug store medicine used to treat kidney stones. It is also used to catalyse the effects of other prescribed medicines. The medicine is commonly taken with meals or just before sleeping at night.
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Preventing kidney stones. It is also used to increase the effectiveness of certain antibacterial medicines (methenamine ma
It servers as buffering agent to maintain a stable ph during the extraction/purififaction protocol; DNA is known to be most stable in neutral or slightly basic (pH7-8) solutions.
( pə′tas·ē·əm ′fäs′fāt ) (inorganic chemistry) Any one of three orthophosphates of potassium. The monobasic form, KH2PO4,
Dihydrocodeine phosphate, according to drugs.com, is a narcotic analgesic used to relieve pain. The active ingredient in the drug is codeine, a powerful opiate that is both psychologically
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