What Is Pressure Altitude?


Pressure altitude is simply altitude that is indicated by an altimeter when it is set at 1013.2 millibars or 29.92 inches Hg. It is used in aircraft's to determine the density altitude and air speed.
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pressure altitude
the altitude for a given pressure in a standard atmosphere, such as that registered by a pressure altimeter.
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1. Measure or identify the barometric pressure, P0, at a reference altitude. 2. Convert the altitude above the reference altitude to meters and denote it by the letter h. Denote h
Air is said to be thinner the higher you go up, which means that the air will weigh less. The more something weighs the more pressure it is able to exert. Therefore, the higher you
( ′presh·ər ′al·tə′tüd ) (meteorology) The height above sea level at which the existing atmospheric pressure would be duplicated in
there is more gravitational pull the farther u go up but there is also less oxygen and Earth's gravitational pull is battling with space's pull so it is gonna rip u in half.
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