What Is Prohibition?


Prohibition refers to the action of forbidding a certain act or thing. It is usually done by the law where the law prescribes that a certain thing is not allowed. A synonym of prohibition is a ban.
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the act of prohibiting.
the legal prohibiting of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic drinks for common consumption.
(often initial capital letter) the period (1920–33) when the Eighteenth Amendment was in force and alcoholic beverages could not legally be manufactured, transported, or sold in the U.S.
a law or decree that forbids.
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Prohibition of alcohol has occurred in many times throughout the different countries. Prohibition in the United States occurred from 1920 to 1933. Look here for more information:
You may not use Craigslist to advertise anything of an obscene or pornographic nature. This includes pornographic material of any kind, such as DVDs, magazines or photographs, as
Ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages.
I would assume that they are prohibited because you might use computer software to try and beat the casino at a particular game. It is a felony in Nevada to use an electronic or mechanical
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Prohibition was a law that was passed in the United States restricting and preventing people from drinking alcohol. This law was established by two powerful groups ...
The word 'prohibit' means to prevent something forbidden from occurring. A thing that is prohibited it means it is forbidden, prevented, or hindered by authority ...
A sentence for the word prohibit would be, 'We prohibit the use of cameras in the facility.' Prohibit means to ban the use of something. ...
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