What Is Prudence?


In religious contexts, prudence is loosely defined as the ability to learn from the mistakes of others and apply these lessons to daily life. It is one of the four cardinal or seven heavenly virtues that protects one from harm. This ability allows for good judgement and thinking before one acts.
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the quality or fact of being prudent.
caution with regard to practical matters; discretion.
regard for one's own interests.
provident care in the management of resources; economy; frugality.
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Prudence is the practise of exercising sound judgement in practical affairs. Prudence is considered as one of the cardinal virtues. Prudence can also be associated with doing things with cautiousness.
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Prudence, for the most part is an excellent character trait to have. You are cautious, make sound decisions, are viewed as wise and knowledge. You are a great person to go to when
Fiscally responsible , to act wisely ,
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Prudence:1:knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress; 2:discretion in practical
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