What Is Psychology?


The study of psychology is the study of human behavior and the human mind. It is used to define and understand the way people act the way they do and what causes certain mental illnesses.
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Psychology is the study of the mind. It can have to do with the feelings, thoughts, behaviors, actions, mental stages or mental nature.
Psychological tests are not just for professionals in the mental health field trying to assess patients. They are widely used in education to assess achievement and learning disabilities
Psychology is the study of the mind.
This is my field in grad school right now! I had no idea what the answer was to that question when I first sat down in a course called Engineering Psychology. The professor[1] showed
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the science of the mind or of mental states and processes.
the science of human and animal behavior.
the sum or characteristics of the mental states and processes of a person or class of persons, or of the mental states and processes involved in a field of activity: the psychology of a soldier; the psychology of politics.
mental ploys or strategy: He used psychology on his parents to get a larger allowance.
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Psychology is the study of behavior. A psychologist is someone that helps an individual to work through problems, retrain thoughts and actions and manage everyday stresses.
Psychology is the study of the human mind. This study is broken down into several sub categories: abnormal, clinical, developmental, and forensic.
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