What Is Psychomotor?


The term psychomotor refers to all the cognitive processes associated with physical movement. It refers to the coordination between the brain and the muscles that brings about movement. Psychomotor skills are skills one is so comfortable doing without giving them any thought.
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Psychomotor hyperactivity is also known as akathisia, psychomotor restlessness, psychomotor agitation and psychomotor excitement. Psychomotor hyperactivity is an outward physical
Psychomotor: of or pertaining to a response involving both motor and psychological components.
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( ¦sī·kə′mōd·ər ik′sīt·mənt ) (psychology) Generalized physical and emotional overactivity that is marked by
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of or relating to a response involving both motor and psychological components.
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Psychomotor is of or pertaining to or characterizing mental events that have motor consequences or vice versa. Basically, that means relating to the function of muscles under the control of the mind.
The Psychomotor is like the motor that drives the activity requested from the brain. This relates to the movement your body has in relation to what the brain is telling it to do.
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