What is pure new wool?


Pure new wool is wool that has come directly from a living sheep. It has not yet been recycled, reused or re-purposed in any way.

The Woolmark logo is available for companies to license. This insignia indicates to consumers that a product is made from pure new wool. Pure new wool clothing is warm and long-lasting, but it requires a certain amount of care. The temperature of the wash water should not be hot. Wool should not be left to soak in water of any temperature. Clothes made of wool should be dried flat and never wrung out, twisted or put into a dryer.

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Pure new wool is wool that has not been used before. Pure new wool can be any of the wools. Pure merino pure, lambs wool, alpaca. Virgin wool and Pure new wool can be synonymous.
•Use a good quality wool wash and not a harsh detergent. •Keep the water temperature the same for both washing and rinsing your wool. •Don't under any circumstances
Pure new wool usually refers to lambswool which is one of the softest types of wool. It also means that it has nothing added to it, no other fibres either man-made or natural combined
I have a huge pure wool rug which is all tufty, lumpy and shaggy and if it's like mine then as it's not a flat surface a carpet cleaner, steamer or shampoo wouldn't be any use on
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