What Is Pure Science?


Pure science is science that is conducted without any errors, prejudices, opinions or predetermined notions. In real life science is conducted by people who have prejudices, opinions and predetermined notions. Most scientists attempt to remain as objective as possible when conducting experiments to achieve the most accurate results. This attempt meets with varying levels of success across cultures, time periods and political environments.
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Fundamental science or pure science is science that describes the most basic
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Pure science is also called fundamental science. These terms describe absolute laws governing objects, forces, and reactions. As an example, pure science says water boils at 212 F and freezes at 32 F at sea level. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pure_science
Pure or fundamental science works with the most basic forces and objects, and the relations and laws that govern them. Commonly known pure sciences are physics and anatomy.
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