Uses of Pyrite?


The uses of pyrite include production of sulfur dioxide, as a semiconductor material, and as a mineral detector used radio receivers. In ancient warfare, the substance was used as a source of ignition in early firearms.
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Pyrite is sometimes an ore of gold and copper. It is also an ore of sulfur, which is used in the production of tires, explosives, disinfectants, medicines, ink, wood preservatives
The uses of pyrite are declining. The main uses today are the production
It has also served in the less-than-honorable trade in land purchases, being used to "salt" a mine in preparation for showing the choice bit of real estate to a greenhorn
It is generally used for production of sulphuric
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Pyrite refers to mineral consisting of iron disulfide and characterized by a yellow colour and cubic crystals. The mineral is most commonly used in the manufacture of sulfur dioxide for sulfuric acid. Pyrite is also known by the name 'fool's gold'.
Pyrite is a material that is common and is pale yellow in color. It is an iron sulfide material and is used most commonly used in iron ore.
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Pyrite magnetic is an iron made up of iron sulphide mineral and weak magnet that increases when iron content decreases. It is also known as pyrite because the ...
Pyrite is a common metal. It is known as fools gold as well. It has a poor value and you can pick up a 2' piece for under $20 USD at several online stores. ...
Pyrite is formed when an iron atom joins with two sulfur atoms. The sulfur gives pyrite its yellow color, and the iron gives pyrite its metallic sheen. It's pretty ...
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