What is a pyroclastic flow?


This is the big cloud of ash you see shortly after the volcano erupts. It's a giant cloud of ash, hot rocks, and other debris from the volcano. It's not rare to see lightning in one of these flow clouds. These pryroclastic flows are highly dangerous and will kill a person within seconds. It will destroy everything in it's path. It's very fast moving.
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Between 80 and 300 Mph depending on the size if the eruption.
Pyroclastic flows are fluidized masses of rock fragments and gases that
- When a volcanic eruption is taking place, a lot of the gas from the lava is removed when it comes out of the vent (process known as degassing) and this causes the vent of the volcano
( ′pī·rə′klast ) (geology) An individual pyroclastic fragment or clast.
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