What Is Qualitative and Quantitative Information?


Quantitative refers to descriptions having to do with numbers and statistics, while Qualitative refers to descriptions having to do with quality or worth. Quantitative distictions talk about/describe proportions, amouts or measurements such as 20 books, 3 jugs, full cup, just but to mention. Qualitative refers to descriptions having to do with status or grade using words and comparisons such as good, bad excellent, outstanding among others.
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quantitative information is numeric. Like Company A made one million dollars profit last year. Company B made 2 million dollars in profit last year. Qualitative is not numeric, but
Qualitative data analysis examines narrative statements rather than numerical figures. It is more descriptive and can often present an in-depth look at the human aspects of a situation
Quantitative: Numeric data, like "X% of households buy product Y at least once a week" or "product Y sold Z units last year" Qualitative: Descriptive data, like
Qualitative and quantitative are two indissociable adjectives applied to the concept of affect in psychoanalytic theory. From Sigmund Freud to André Green, affect has been
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Qualitative means involving distinctions based on qualities; qualitative change; qualitative data; qualitative analysis determines the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture or relating to or involving comparisons based on qualities while quantitative means expressed or expressible as a quantity, Of, relating to, or susceptible of measurement, Of or relating to number or quantity or Of or relating to a metrical system based on the duration of syllables rather than on stress. Used especially of classical Greek and Latin verse while quantitative analysis allows one to discover which phenomena are likely to be genuine reflections of the behaviour of a language or variety, and which are merely chance occurrences.
Quantitative information is the one that can be expressed or counted numerically. It can be represented in graphs, histograms and tables. Qualitative refers to the information that approximates but do not measure the attributes or the properties of a thing.
Qualitative is a form of research or data collections that gathers information that is not in numerical form. Quantitative is a form of research or data collection that gathers information in numerical form, which can be put into categories, in rank order or measured in units of measurement.
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