What Is Quincy Throat?


Quincy throat is a condition in which the tonsils are infected. It is when an abscess forms in the tonsils area, causing a sore throat. It is common in teenagers and adults, although it is sometimes mistaken for common tonsillitis.
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Not medical advice. Quinsy is an abscess between the back of the tonsil and the wall of the throat. Symptoms are similar to tonsillitis.
A sore throat can feel scratchy or painful when swallowing and may appear redder than normal. It can be caused by viruses like the common cold, bacteria or allergens.
Quincy is a type of priest of a holy man at least that's what i've been told
Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system. Taking vitamin C can also help fight off the viruses that can cause a cold or flu, thus causing a sore throat. It can be found in oranges
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Quincy throat is a complication of tonsillitis. It consists of a collection of pus beside the thus tonsil causing pain.
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